“A New Dawn”

Welcome to new beginnings,

Old is going,  

New is entering.  

Leaves are fluttering,  

Bees are humming,  

Birds are chirping.  

Old patterns are releasing,  

Food choices are changing,  

Love is winning.  

Water is flowing,  

Air is blowing,  

Earth is evolving.  

Angels are dancing,  

God is blessing.  

Something good is happening,  

A New is coming.

Embrace the change,  

Feel the shift,  

In every breath,  

And every gift.  

Life is growing,  

Hearts are mending,  

This is just the start,  

Of something never-ending.

~ Ankita Pitalia

Essence of the Poem

“A New Dawn” captures the essence of transformation and renewal. The poem depicts a shift from old to new, symbolized by natural elements like fluttering leaves, humming bees, and chirping birds. It speaks of releasing old patterns and embracing new ones, highlighting changes in food choices and the triumph of love. The flowing water and blowing air signify the ongoing evolution of the Earth, while dancing angels and divine blessings suggest a spiritual awakening. The poem encourages embracing change and recognizing the infinite possibilities of new beginnings, fostering a sense of hope, growth, and endless potential.

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