Eternal Release!

From the body, the soul takes flight.

Mother’s embrace fades out of sight. 

Breath itself seems to stand still. 

Liberation from thoughts, a newfound will.

Generations find peace, their sorrows cease,

Bondages break, granting release,

Even loved one’s part, their presence fleeting, 

Earthly ties dissolve the spirit’s greeting.

A journey unfolds, a path untold, 

From the form, the essence is bold.

~ Ankita Pitalia


The essence of the poem revolves around the theme of transition and liberation. It depicts a profound journey of the soul, transcending physical limitations and embracing a higher spiritual realm. The poem highlights the transformative nature of life, where earthly attachments fade away, and individuals find peace and freedom from worldly burdens. It celebrates the courage to let go and embark on an unknown path, ultimately discovering the bold essence of existence beyond the physical form.

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