“A New Dawn”

A new dawn

Welcome to new beginnings, Old is going,   New is entering.   Leaves are fluttering,   Bees are humming,   Birds are chirping.   Old patterns are releasing,   Food choices are changing,   Love is winning.   Water is flowing,   Air is blowing,   Earth is evolving.   Angels are dancing,   God is blessing.   Something good is happening,   A New is coming. Embrace the … Read more

Embarking on Love’s Journey

Love's journey

“From the impossible to the possible  From ignorance to wisdom  From the body to the soul  From incompleteness to wholeness  From captivity to freedom  From life to liberation” ~ Ankita Pitalia Essence: “Embarking on Love’s Journey” beautifully captures the essence of a profound voyage into the realm of love. It signifies the beginning of an … Read more

Eternal Release!


Essence: The essence of the poem revolves around the theme of transition and liberation. It depicts a profound journey of the soul, transcending physical limitations and embracing a higher spiritual realm. The poem highlights the transformative nature of life, where earthly attachments fade away, and individuals find peace and freedom from worldly burdens. It celebrates … Read more