9 signs that you are constantly receiving other people’s energy

According to many research studies, it can be concluded that if you resonate with the below signs, you can consider yourself an empathetic person, or someone who constantly absorbs other’s energy.

Here are 9 signs to help you understand if you are constantly exchanging energy with others.

1. Mood Swing:

If you notice a sudden shift in your mood while you’re with other people, it’s because you’re sensing or feeling their emotions.

Imagine you’re at a party, and you’re feeling happy and relaxed. Suddenly, you notice a friend who looks upset. Even though you haven’t spoken to them yet, you have already started feeling anxious and down. This sudden shift in your mood happens because you’re sensing and absorbing your friend’s emotions, experiencing their sadness as if it were your own.

2. Sensitivity to the Media: 

Do you ever notice that watching emotional scenes in movies, violent content, horror movies, or news reports affects you more intensely than it does others?

If this happens to you, then you might be highly sensitive to emotional content and tend to absorb the emotions portrayed in these scenes more deeply than others.

Let’s understand this with a scenario. 

Imagine you’re watching a movie with a group of friends. There’s a scene where a character loses a loved one, and you find yourself tearing up, feeling a deep sense of sadness and empathy.

Meanwhile, your friends seem relatively unaffected, perhaps just a little moved or even indifferent. 

This strong emotional response you have, compared to the milder reactions of your friends, shows how you might be more sensitive to emotional scenes and feel the emotions more intensely.

3. Physical Sensations:

You feel unexplained physical sensations, such as headaches, fatigue, and nausea, or you feel completely drained, especially in crowded places.

Let’s understand this with an example of a girl named Lisa.

Lisa decides to go shopping at the mall on a busy Saturday afternoon. She arrives feeling perfectly fine and excited to find some new clothes. 

However, as she navigates through the crowded mall, she starts to feel a headache coming on. Despite having plenty of sleep the night before, she begins to feel unusually fatigued and even slightly nauseous.

These physical sensations seem to get worse the longer she stays in the crowded areas. Once Lisa leaves the mall and steps outside into the fresh air, she starts to feel better almost immediately.

This experience makes her realize that she might be absorbing the energy and emotions of the people around her.

4. Struggle with Change

You find it challenging to cope with changes, needing more time to adjust to new situations or routines.

Let’s break this with an example:

Sarah recently moved into a new house. While she was excited about the move, she found it challenging to cope with the changes. 

The new layout, different neighbors, and unfamiliar routines made her feel unsettled. Unlike her partner, who quickly adjusted and felt at home, Sarah needed more time to get used to the new environment. 

She felt anxious and disoriented, finding it hard to relax and settle into a new routine. It took her several weeks of arranging and rearranging furniture, exploring the neighborhood, and establishing new habits before she finally felt comfortable and at ease in her new home.

5. Caretaker Role:

You often find yourself in a caretaker role because your heightened sensitivity allows you to understand and empathize with the person you care for deeply. 

This sensitivity naturally draws others to you for emotional support. However, this can also make you more vulnerable to emotional and physical exhaustion.

6. Avoidance of Negative Situations: 

You often find yourself avoiding negative situations to protect your emotional and physical well-being because they heavily impact your mood.

Let’s understand one scenario that happened to one of my friends, Ann.

Ann, who is highly sensitive to the energy of others, often finds herself feeling exhausted after spending time in negative environments. 

For instance, when she attends family gatherings where there is frequent arguing, she quickly becomes overwhelmed and anxious.

 To protect herself, Ann decides to limit her time at these gatherings, attending only when necessary and leaving early if the atmosphere becomes too tense.

7. Nature and Animals

You feel a strong connection to nature and animals, finding solace and rejuvenation in their presence. You feel a sense of love which is pure and unconditional

You have observed that while walking down the street, animals such as dogs, cats, or cows are drawn towards you. 

They seem to feel a sense of security when they are around you, and you can sense the same love and attraction towards them.

This mutual connection occurs because animals are highly sensitive to energies, just as you are.

8. Difficulty Distinguishing Your Own Emotions

You often find it challenging to differentiate between your own feelings and those of others. Sometimes, you find it difficult to understand why you are feeling a certain way, which leads to confusion and difficulty in addressing your own needs.

For example, you have a friend who is going through a tough time at work. During the conversation, you listen to them empathetically as they vent about their stressful situation.

 By the end of the conversation, you feel overwhelmed and anxious, even though you had a pleasant day before seeing your friend.

As the evening progresses, you start to feel confused about your emotions. You ask yourself, “Why am I feeling so anxious and stressed?” 

These emotions don’t even belong to you, yet they are affecting you deeply because you have absorbed your friend’s energy.

9. Intuition

People who absorb others’ energy often have a heightened sense of intuition. This intuitive ability allows them to pick up on non-verbal signs or signals that people give off, which can indicate their emotions, thoughts, or intentions, often before these feelings are even expressed. 

This deep connection to others can be both a gift and a challenge, providing valuable insights but also leading to emotional overload.


If you resonate with these signs, you may be an empathetic person who absorbs others’ energy. Recognizing these traits can help you better understand your experiences and develop strategies to manage your sensitivity, ensuring your well-being while maintaining your empathetic nature.

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